Maximize Your Online Sales This Holiday Season with AI Product Recommendations

The holiday rush like Black Friday and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s crucial for online retailers to maximize sales. One effective method is utilizing AI product recommendations.

Here’s why they’re essential and how they function.

The Limitation of Traditional Product Recommendations

Basic product recommenders hit a wall during high sales periods like the holidays. Why?. These systems generally use basic data points like past purchases and demographic information, which aren’t always reliable during busy times.

Why AI Product Recommendations is Your Sales Ace

AI-powered recommenders use machine learning to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately. They adjust to changing consumer behaviors in real-time, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

How AI Product Recommendations Function

These AI tools continuously gather and analyze data on customer purchases. This information helps create more precise models for suggesting products that customers are likely to buy. The more data available, the more accurate the recommendations.

Real-Time Recommendations for Peak Traffic

During high sales seasons, traditional recommendation systems may lag due to the sudden surge in traffic and data. AI recommenders can manage this flux by providing timely and accurate suggestions, ultimately driving more sales.

Example: Upsy Shopping Helper

Consider Upsy as a case in point for an AI-powered product recommender. Upsy employs two primary learning models: upselling and cross-selling.

Upselling: Upsy learns from your product catalog, serving as an informed sales agent for your online store. It suggests pricier items based on its accumulated knowledge and the current behavior of site visitors.

Cross-selling: Upsy studies the combination of products that customers often purchase together. The more data it gathers, the better it recommends complementary items.

Upsy’s algorithms update daily, ensuring it stays responsive even during the busiest seasons.

After customers pick up a product in their basket, the AI algorithm will automatically recommend complementary products. 



Will AI product recommendation tools help increase sales in the high E-commerce season?

To answer this question, it is best to look at some numbers. Below is the sales breakdown of an online store in Finland. Those pictures are screenshots from the store dashboard.

– The first picture recorded sales during November 2021, Black Friday & Christmas season.
– The second picture recorded sales during the normal time.

During the high e-commerce season, Upsy helped generate over 70,000€ of sales during Black Friday month. This number is 3 times higher than normal sales numbers, for example, during Mar 2022. During Black Friday month, web traffic tends to increase; thus, installing Ai automation tools will help online stores convert more sales. 


eCommerce high season is a critical time for webshop owners. To get your online store ready for a high-yield season, webshop owners should consider using AI product recommenders.  AI product recommendations are able to handle large surges of traffic. It delivers sports on product recommendations in real-time. 

Our team can help you get started with the right tools and advice to ensure that your shop is primed and ready to take advantage of peak shopping periods. If you want to see more data on how Upsy helps boost sales, check our website.