Get ready for
Black Friday & Christmas season!

Get Upsy on your side to convert the most sales from your webshop visitors.

Upsy Shopping Helper is an AI-powered, automated shopping assistant designed to boost your online sales, especially during peak seasons.

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Upsy comes with proven results in

real-time dashboard

Boost 3x sales during Black Friday

Upsy sold 70,000€ during Black Friday month.

 Normal time (Data from the same store)

During Black Firday month (Nov 2021) Upsy sold 3 times higher compare to normal time (Mar,2022)

Visitors who uses Upsy convert to buyers 193,33% better

Up-to-date data from one of our customer stores. Aug-Sep 2022

Want to know more ? We’re just a phone call away!

We’re just a phone call away !

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Fully automated and powered by AI. 

Never miss a sales during peak season 

Using sophisticated AI, Upsy is able to understand and adapt to your customer’s behaviour, making spot-on product recommendations. Upsy guides buyers through their purchasing journey- from providing product info to answer FAQ.

Just like a ‘real’ salesperson.

Find product

Helps customer find the right product
in no time.


Automated smart upsell algorithm offers relevant upsells to boost more valuable products


Automated smart product recommendations based on past purchases and behaviour


Offer answers to most frequently asked questions to free your hand from repeated task