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New Upsy: In pursuit of a 10% conversion rate

Discover in this video:

  • 2023 online shopping trends to boost your store’s growth
  • How New Upsy can help achieve your sales targets
  • Vladimir Tokoi’s fireside chat, sharing his tips for approaching a 10% conversion rate.

How to build free traffic from social media to your webshop

Discover in this video :

  • How to build your social media game from scratch 
  • Maintaining your social media presence: Tips and tricks
  • Boosting your followers: Strategies for increasing your audience

Video Series E-commerce 2023

Welcome to Upsy’s video series!
We’ve distilled the newest e-commerce trends for 2023 to make it easier for SME webshop owners to stay up-to-date. We aim to help you maximize the potential of your online store.
Each episode is packed with the latest statistics and actionable strategies to improve conversions and boost revenue. 🛒
Video 1: Capture 70% of Your Traffic with Mobile Shopping Strategies
Video 2: How to Boost Your Online Store Revenue
Video 3: How to Avoid Basket Abandonment
Video 4: Maximise Your Sales with Smart Product Recommendations
Video 5: How to Succeed in Winning Customers in a Tightening Competition?