Sports Equipment Industry

How industry
leader Sportheavy gained 13% growth in sales with Upsy


Sportheavy – An industry leader in providing specialized sports equipment for strength training and combat sports

Challenges: The retailer was looking into ways of generating more sales from their traffic by increasing conversions and growing the average basket size

Solution: AI product recommendation with automated upselling and cross-selling features


  • Upsy generated over 21,000€ additional sales just in 4 months.
  • Visitors who use Upsy convert into buyers 215% better
  • 26% higher average purchase with Upsy users

Industry: Sports equipment
Market: Finland
Platform: MyCashFlow
Product: Upsy Growth

Key Figures

Additional sales

Conversion rate with upsy user

Higher AOV

Sportheavy is an industry leader with headquarters located in Tampere, Finland. provides a wide range of equipment for strength training and combat sports. Their products included training equipment, supplements, and clothing.

A wide range of specilized items leads to a challenge in showing the right product

Sportheavy has about 20,000 web visitors every month. This number is constantly growing as the business expands worldwide. The online store has a wide range of products in its catalog- 2000 unique items, 30 different brands This leads to the challenge of showing the right products and the right offers to its visitors.
Sportheavy has invested considerable money in marketing to drive traffic to do not always correspond to increased sales. That is where Sportheavy turns to Upsy.

Even if we are specialized in this field and own this niche, there is still space for growth. For these products, you will eventually buy from us, but with Upsy, you will buy more.

Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group / Sportheavy

Transform the online store into a sales machine

Upsy helps Sportheavy’s online store automate its sales process. This includes automated upselling and cross-selling features. Upsy helps visitors see the right product they are looking for and offers them products they would likely buy. That is one of the ways Upsy can convert visitors into buyers.

Upsy learns about the store’s products, just like a salesperson knows what items are available. Every time visitors purchase from the online store, Upsy’s AI algorithms improve.

“The way Upsy algorithms work is interesting. They really don’t need a lot of data to work well. ”

Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group / Sportheavy

Astonishing 215% better conversion rate with Upsy users

Conversion rate in skyrocketed. Visitors who use Upsy convert to buyers 215% better. It means that with visitors who are not using Upsy, 2 out of 100 visitors will buy something in your store. With visitors using Upsy, 6 out of 100 visitors will become buyers.

Along with that, the average purchase of visitors who use Upsy is 26% higher. As a result, Sportheavy gained extra over 21 000€ during the last 4 months.

It is just a start as the system gets smarter and gives better recommendations with every purchase. Upsy certainly will increase its contribution to the store.

“Upsy is definitely a gamechanger for small and medium size webshops ”

Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group / Sportheavy

If you want to learn more about Sportheavy and their products, visit their website at