Footwear Industry

Case Study:

Upsy brings significant growth – Selling 14% of total sales in kenkä


  • Kenkäliike is an online shoes store which provides high-quality and wide range of branded shoes.
  • Kenkäliike implemented Upsy to automate upselling and cross-selling in their online store.
  • Upsy went live at the end of May. In just less than 3 months, Upsy has contributed over 14,4% in total sales revenue.
  • 13,18% increase in the average order value as a result of smart upsells and cross-sells.

Kenkälike provides a wide and high-quality selection of shoes. The store was founded in Iisalmi in 2009 by Niina Styrman.

Niina Styrman is a familiar face to many, as she stars in the Finnish reality show Elinvoimaiset. The show follows the journey of unstoppable entrepreneurs who dedicate their lives to running successful businesses.

Niina is a savvy entrepreneur who always puts the customer first. In the shoe business, she is an expert and knows how to offer the perfect fit product for customers.

After discovering that Upsy helped create additional sales by suggesting different products automatically, she decided to integrate Upsy into her online store in May.


Founded in 2009
Industry: Retailer
Market: Finland
Product: Upsy Starter

“We are proud to be able to offer a good variety of different kinds of shoes, also for customers that have special needs. For example special sizes”

– Niina Styrman, CEO and Founder of Kenkäliike

Upsy AI algorithm helps automate upsells and cross-sells on the webshop. As Kenkäliike has a large variety of products and categories, an automation tool is indispensable. Kenkäliike’s online store has seen a remarkable increase in average purchase value after using Upsy for 2,5 months. As a result of the upsell and cross-selling features, the average purchase value has increased by 13.8%.

“We had a chat installed before in our shop, but it turned out to be very time consuming. People were mostly asking questions that there were answers found in the site. Now Upsy is giving those answers and it is saving a lot of time.”

– Niina Styrman, CEO and Founder of Kenkäliike

Even though machine learning algorithms are still learning, it is clear that Upsy can provide real business impact from day one. The more time goes on, the better Upsy gets at understanding consumer behavior and providing recommendations.

“Love how Upsy is able to recommend options and additional purchases. It really sells!!”

Key Results:

  • Upsy sold 14.4% of the total sales
  • Visitors who uses Upsy converts 113,33% better
  • 13,18% increase in average order value

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