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Tattootukku & Upsy’s Winning Combo:

Tattootukku Gained
23% Cart Growth &
Remarkable Conversion Rate!


Key Takeaways

Tattootukku is a small to medium webshop, selling high-quality tattoo supplies and equipment.

Challenges: Tattootukku struggled with low conversion rates and had a limited option to offer recommendation products. This leads to lost revenue potential.

Solution: Upsy transforms the shopping experience in the online store. Upsy AI helps customers find the right product, offers personalized product recommendations for each visitor. Upsy not only enhances customers’ shopping experience but also boosts the store’s revenue.


The average order value of visitors who used Upsy is 23% higher than that of non-users.

Upsy contributed 20% sales to total revenue on average.

Visitors who use Upsy convert into buyers 232% better compared to non-Upsy users.

Industry: Tattoo
equipment and supplies
Market: Finland
Platform: MyCashFlow
Product: Upsy Starter

23% Average of Order
20%  Sales contribution by Upsy
232% Conversion rate with Upsy user

Tattootukku sells high-quality tattoo supplies and equipment.Their goal is to help tattoo artists to nail it. The shop was found in 2008.They offer a wide range of traditional and modern products with a strong focus on safety and quality.

Anneli Keeninen is the Marketing Director of Tattootukku. She has been playing a key role in the growth and success of the company.

Converting Visitors to Customers:
Tattootukku’s Dilemma

Despite having a high volume of visitors, Tattootukku struggled with low conversion rates. They also had limited opportunities to deliver personalized recommendations to their customers, resulting in missed revenue potential and an inconsistent customer experience. They were looking for a way to guide customers through the purchase journey and recommend the right products effectively.
“We aimed to improve the customer experience and increase revenue. Upsy helped us achieve both by guiding customers to buy more and recommending the right products.”
Anneli Keeninen – Marketing Manager at Tattootukku.

Personalized Shopping Made Easy With Upsy

Upsy’s AI recommendation engine is the key to solving low conversion rates. With its deep understanding of Tattootukku’s unique store, products and customer behavior, Upsy offers highly personalised and relevant product recommendations to each visitors. This allows visitor to find the right products they are looking for, leading to a better customer experience and increased revenue for the shop.

​​You can experience Upsy’s recommendation engine for yourself by heading to the Tattootukku website.

“Upsy truly powers our marketing efforts. We bring in visitors, and Upsy helps turn them into buyers by engaging with customers and recommending products, resulting in increased sales”

Anneli Keeninen – Marketing Manager at Tattootukku.

Driving Sales and Happier Customer

On the store’s website, customers who used Upsy to shop spent 23% more money on average . They bought more items and select premium-price products. Upsy contributed 20% to the overall sales. Visitors who used Upsy were 232% more likely to buy something than those who didn’t.
Tattootukku Chart

Non-Upsy Users: This line represents the conversion rate for visitors who did not use Upsy.
Upsy Users: This line represents the conversion rate for visitors who used Upsy.

Upsy’s results in the Tattootukku store demonstrate the power of upselling and cross-selling to drive revenue. The shop offers various niche equipment made specifically for tattoo artists. Upsy’s AI model can identify the distinct features of each product, enabling it to generate customised recommendations for customers more effectively. That is why Upsy contributed to up to 20% of the store’s overall sales.

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