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In a nutshell and specialize in sauna accessories. They had issues with product search, which was hurting sales. Too many product types made it hard for customers to find what they needed. This resulted in missed sales opportunities. The store looks for a way to improve sales.

Upsy uses AI to help customers shop faster. Upsys’ unique algorithm showcases products that customers are likely to buy. This enhances upselling and cross-selling. Upsy boosts the average order value, leading to increased sales.

  • Upsy users had a 22,53% higher order value.
  • Upsy contributed 22% of total revenue.
  • Visitors using Upsy were 172% more likely to purchase.
  • Overall store conversion rate rose by 13% due to Upsy’s assistance.
Online Retail – Sauna Products
Mika Kuusela Oy
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Finnish and English


Average of Order

Sales Contribution from Upsy
Overall store conversion rate increased and and owned by Mika Kuusela Oy

Both are your online destinations for everything about Finnish sauna. They’re dedicated to provide top-notch products and fast services. From sauna textiles and beauty products to accessories, they have it all.

Check out their websites to experience the joy of Finnish sauna.

Making Online Shopping Easier

With an expansive product portfolio, the challenge was to present these items to facilitate quick product discovery for customers. The goal was to offer an effortless shopping experience without straining the store’s resources.

In Tomi Kuusela’s said, “Our challenge was to make our wide range of products easily discoverable, ensuring a fast and seamless shopping journey.”

Upsy: Just Like Your In-Store Salesperson

Facing a challenge of product discovery in their wide range, and adopted Upsy. Upsy helps improving the online shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find and navigate products.

Upsy understood customers’ behaviors and preferences. It offers personalized recommendations and helps shoppers discover new products. The smart search and AI recommendations features help engage with customers to encourage them buy more

Upsy’s automated features promoted relevant, higher-value items, driving upsells and cross-sells. This strategy effectively increased the average order value.

“Since we’ve started using Upsy, we’ve noticed an increase in our sales and conversion rates. It’s been a positive addition to our online store and seems to have added value to our business”

– Tomi Kuusela – Manager of and

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