Furniture Industry

Upsy boosted Parolanrottinki’s online sales from 10,5% to 18,3% in just 5 months


Parolan Rottinki is a home furnishing store that combines Scandinavian design with Indonesian rattan.

Challenges: Customer service takes huge resources and the online store needs to turn more visitors into buyers

Solution: Upsy spot on Upsell´s and Cross sells, 24/7 selling to all visitors. Custom FAQs


  • 37% increase in the average value of order
  • Upsy contributed 13% to total store revenue during the first five months
  • Visitors who use Upsy convert into buyers 169% better
  • Upsy has served to more than 7200 visitors in the store
Industry: Home furniture
Market: Finland
Platform: Woocommerce
Product: Upsy Starter
37% Average of order
13% Additional sales monthly
169% Conversion rate with Upsy user

Founded in 1967, Parolan Rottinki is a family-owned business. The company has made handcrafted furniture from Indonesia’s wild rattan for 55 years.

Customer service eats up resources

Before Upsy, Parolan used to answer all the customer service questions manually. This took up a lot of their time. They thought chatbots or chats could help. Yet, this wasn’t a solution that would help them grow their business internationally.
“ Our customers called a lot during office hours, and we’d like to minimize phone traffic. A chatbot was our first thought, but we also need a more sophisticated solution. ”

– Johanna Rosnell, CEO – Parolan Rottinki Oy

Parolan store went live with Upsy in April 2020.

Upsy’s machine learning models instantly learnt which products were often bought together.

As a result, Parolan immediately saw a 10% of sales contribution from Upsy in the first month. As the AI algorithm got better daily, the amount of Upsy’s contribution to total sales increased month by month.

Percentage calculated based on online store revenue only. Ask our sales if you want to know in details)

Upsy’s upseling and cross-selling features stand out. Those features help our customers find what they want and save us a lot of time.

– Johanna Rosnell, CEO – Parolan Rottinki Oy

Staying competitive in the e-commerce business requires the right technology

Online furniture businesses require instant visual interactions with visitors. It means visitors are able to see the right product and its appearance as quickly as possible.

Upsy engages with visitors at the right time through stunning images and directs them to the right products. As a result, the AOV of buyers who used Upsy is 37% higher than that of non-users.

Online business is highly competitive. As the company manufactures its own products, Johanna is careful in balancing between circling cash for materials, products, and marketing efforts.

Thus, Johanna has strict resources. Then she only invests in items that increase sales and help the online store remain competitive. Upsy shopping helper is one of the items.

“We got good sales results from our web traffic with Upsy, Upsy is worth the investment.”

– Johanna Rosnell, CEO – Parolan Rottinki Oy

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