Just like a ‘real’ salesperson – Upsy guides your visitor through the purchase journey

Video 1: Capture 70% of Your Traffic with Mobile Shopping Strategies

70% of online store traffic comes from mobile devices, but not only that. Also, 60% of the purchases come from mobile. Is your shop up for it?

Capture Your Mobile Sales Potential with Upsy  

Start using AI to personalise your online store experience. Make happier customers. Sell more.

Upsy is designed for SMEs webshop owners and optimised for mobile shoppers.  Upsy offers smart navigation, AI recommendations, promotions, automated customer service, and insights that will help you grow online sales smartly.

Maximise Your Mobile Sales with Upsy Now!

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Revenue – Let us show you how

Upsy comes with proven results in dashboard

Adding more sales for your webshop

Upsy sold 70,000€ during Black Friday month.

 Normal time (Data from the same store)

During Black Firday month (Nov 2021) Upsy sold 3 times higher compare to normal time (Mar,2022)

Visitors who uses Upsy convert to buyers 193,33% better

Up-to-date data from one of our customer stores. Aug-Sep 2022

Video Series E-commerce 2023

We’ve distilled the newest e-commerce trends for 2023 to make it easier for SME webshop owners to stay up-to-date.

Each episode is packed with the latest statistics and actionable strategies to improve conversions and boost revenue. 🛒

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Vladimir Tokoi, Owner and CEO at Suojakalvotukku

Vladimir Tokoi, Owner and CEO at Suojakalvotukku

“Upsy users have 54% higher conversion, and it automatically completes over 1100 customer service tasks in a month.”

Johanna Rosnell, CEO – Parolan Rottinki Oy

Johanna Rosnell, CEO – Parolan Rottinki Oy

“Upsy’s upselling and cross-selling features stand out. Those features help our customers find what they want and save us a lot of time.”

Niina Styrman, CEO and Founder of Kenkäliike

Niina Styrman, CEO and Founder of Kenkäliike

“Love how Upsy is able to recommend options and additional purchases. It really sells!”

Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group / Sportheavy

Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group / Sportheavy

“Upsy is definitely a gamechanger for small and medium size webshops.”

Get more sales from your webshop visitors with Upsy

Upsy AI


Sell higher price products & increase basket size

The upsell algorithm shows relevant products with more premium prices to engage with visitors. When a product is added to the cart, the cross-sell algorithms encourage customers to buy more.

We do it all for you automatically. No need to preprocess data, train, or maintain.
Maximize the value of your data. AI Recommendations get smarter with every purchase
24/7/365 – Upsy sells even when you’re asleep


Help your visitors find the right product

Smart search organizes itself based on real usage & clicks. Swipe ability on mobile devices makes it easy to navigate.

Help customers find the right product they are looking for
Simple search system to improve customer service
Keep your visitors clicking until they want to buy


Free your hand from customer services’ task

80% of customers’ questions are repeated questions that are available on your website. We create a FAQ list for your own store.

24/7 customer service
Save time & resources for customer services
Reduce basket abandonment