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SporttiRakki’s 21,56%
Order Value Increase
with Upsy


SporttiRakki and SportsK9 are online stores specializing in training equipment for dog sports. They have enhanced their customer experience and sales using Upsy’s AI

Upsy made product searches easy and suggested the right products for customers. This created a smooth buying journey, increasing sales and customer happiness.

  • Upsy users buy more, with an average order value 21.56% higher than non-Upsy users.
  • Upsy contributed to nearly 10% of the total sales revenue.
  • Compared to non-Upsy users, Upsy users had a conversion rate that was 447% higher.
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Data from Jan to May 2023


Average of Order


Revenue from Upsy

Higher Conversion Rate
for Upsy users

Heidi Hendrell
Owner of SporttiRakki
and Dogomo Oy.

Online store for dog lovers

SporttiRakki is a place for people who love dog sports. They sell high-quality gear for both trainers and dogs to make training fun. They also have a special section where you can learn more about dog sports. Their online shop features new and unique items, all handmade in Finland, just for dog sports fans.

The SporttiRakki brand was introduced under the SportsK9 brand in 2021. was launched later on with an English language version.

SporttiRakki virtual cafe provides a platform where interesting personalities share their stories about dog training and dogs

“My vision has always been about sharing the joy of dog sports globally. With Upsy, we’ve been able to improve our customer’s shopping experience while growing our business.”


The online store faced challenges during global expansion. They needed to increase website conversion rates and stimulate customer engagement in their niche market.

Adapting to Mobile Use
The rise in mobile users demanded an adjustment. Their sites needed optimization for mobile without sacrificing functionality or user experience.

Ensuring 24/7 Service
Operating around the clock highlighted the need for constant service and sales. They needed a tool that would keep selling, even when they were not active.

Managing operations smartly and automatically
Product ranges and customer bases grew, and efficiency became a priority. Their goal was to improve operations by automating processes such as product promotion, recommendations and customer service

That’s when Upsy stepped in

Implementing AI-Powered Shopping Assistance

With Upsy, both of the online stores were able to turn more visitors into customers. Upsy’s AI not only improve product searches with visual images but also optimized the mobile shopping experience.

Upsy kept learning and evolving over time, refining its understanding of customer preferences and delivering increasingly accurate product recommendations. The result in greater customer satisfaction and higher sales.

“Upsy was a match for us. It provided uninterrupted service, and took over many routine tasks. Plus, its AI capabilities made product search and recommendation more effective.”
Heidi Hendrell – Owner of SporttiRakki


Average of Order


Revenue from Upsy

Higher Conversion Rate
for Upsy users
Data from Jan to May 2023