Optimizing online sales just got easier with the new version of Upsy, the AI shopping assistant tool.

Customers told, we listened.

Upsy has undergone updates based on customer feedback to provide a more relevant and user-friendly experience for shoppers.
Several new features have been added, including:

  • Product categories search
  • Daily deals
  • New arrivals
  • Customer feedback

    All features are designed to boost sales in online stores even further.

Product categories search – New arrivals

Daily deals – Customer feedback

Results of Pilot Program 

To test out these new features, Upsy ran a pilot program with 9200 users over two weeks.
Upsy’s first results are absolutely remarkable!


The usage increased by 47% compared to the same period last year. While the old Upsy usage percentage was 5.9%, the new version has a usage percentage of 8.7%.
More Upsy users mean more sales, more people served, and fewer customer service calls..

The new Upsy brings more sales. The sales which Upsy contributed to the store grew 31.8% compared to the same period of time. This is due to the new daily deals and new arrivals features that have been added to the tool.

Customer feedback has also been overwhelmingly positive. After using Upsy to shop, buyers have the opportunity to provide feedback about their shopping experience. 84.6% of buyers have given positive feedback (indicated by a thumbs up), which is considered a great result.

Upsy is now being rolled out in all webshops. 

Ready to see how Upsy can optimize online sales for your store? Contact one of our experts today to learn more and get started!