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When times are tough, the best way is to focus on sales. Validated AB test  33,4% sales growth with Upsy

Upsy is an AI shopping assistant for SME online stores, offering smart navigation, AI recommendations, promotions, and 24/7 customer support.

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Upsy comes with proven results 

33,4% sales growth with Upsy 

We A/B tested an online store for 3 weeks:
Half of the visitors shopped without Upsy, the others did with Upsy integrated

Bring additional sales for your online store.

The test was carried in early of this year 2023

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Best Features

Just like a ‘real’ salesperson – Upsy guides your visitor through the purchase journey

Upsy AI


Sell higher price products & increase basket size

The upsell algorithm shows relevant products with more premium prices to engage with visitors. When a product is added to the cart, the cross-sell algorithms encourage customers to buy more.

We do it all for you automatically. No need to preprocess data, train, or maintain.
Maximize the value of your data. AI Recommendations get smarter with every purchase
24/7/365 – Upsy sells even when you’re asleep


Help your visitors find the right product

Smart search organizes itself based on real usage & clicks. Swipe ability on mobile devices makes it easy to navigate.

Help customers find the right product they are looking for
Simple search system to improve customer service
Keep your visitors clicking until they want to buy


Speed up inventory turnover

Upsy promotes daily deals to sell your old product as fast as possible. The sale tag is automatically added, so your customer knows they’re getting a good deal.

Get products out of stock quickly and easily
Special offer that makes customers feel valued
Daily deals feature for a more dynamic shopping experience


Free your hand from customer services’ task

80% of customers’ questions are repeated questions that are available on your website. We create a FAQ list for your own store.

24/7 customer service
Save time & resources for customer services
Reduce basket abandonment


Get your customer insights

Feedback is the heart of improvement. Upsy collects a success score + comments from every buyer to get even better.

Improve your webshop with customer insights.
Optimise your business based on data
Make your customers happier

Want to hear more? Our team is excited to tell more about how we can help.