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How Upsy Boosted Sales in One Month



Just one month after adding Upsy to their online platform, Gazoz’s owners noticed a big increase in sales. Upsy contributed a remarkable

€20k revenue

in this short time!
While there were other activities happening at the same time, it is undeniable that Upsy plays a role in getting more customers to buy.

Upsy really activates customers to buy!


Industry: Training clothes
Platform: WooCommerce 
Market: Finland
Product: Upsy Starter


Sales Attributed to UPSY


Average of Order


Upsy Conversion Rate

Gazoz is a Finnish online store focused on selling workout clothing. As a manufacturer, importer, and retailer, the store offers a wide range of high-quality products designed for different types of sports activities.

Whether you’re into cardio, weightlifting, or yoga, has what you need.

Challenges wanted to be more than just an online store; they aimed to be a trusted source for workout gear. They needed to lift up the average cart value and make the online shopping process smoother.


  • Make shopping easier for the customer
  • Raise the cart’s average value,
  • Offer top-notch customer service.

Leave manual efforts behind

The Upsy installation is quick and hassle-free. It took just 5 days to fully integrate Upsy into’s online store.

Real Salesperson Experience: Upsy acts like an in-store salesperson but online. Upsy follows visitors throughout their shopping journey on the website, providing personalized recommendations and assistance.

AI-Driven Sales Tool: More than just a helper, Upsy’s smart algorithms upsell, cross-sell, and offer on-point product recommendations to maximizes each sales opportunity

24/7 Availability: Upsy is always online, so the store never misses a sales chance, always be on your store to answer customer questions.

Dynamic Adaptation: Upsy constantly learns from customer behavior, adapting in real time to improve your sales processes

The numbers speak volumes in a single month

Upsy contributed to 12% of Gazoz’s total sales, and with combined efforts, Gazoz projects to hit €1.5 million in sales this year.

Conversion Rate

  • Without Upsy: 1.08%.
  • Upsy Users Only: 3.81%.
  • Rate Boost: +253.59% due to Upsy.
  • Including Upsy users, the conversion rate of the store increased to 1.2%.

Upsy users convert nearly 4x more than the average non-Upsy user.

Average Purchase

  • Without Upsy: €65.54.
  • With Upsy (Total): €67.54.
  • Upsy Users Only: €79.22.

Upsy users spend an average €11.68 more per order. Overall, Upsy added €4 to the average order value.


“We wanted Upsy for our store — it simplifies the buying process, recommends better products for buyers speeds up the discovery of information that interests customers, and most importantly, builds trust for our store.”

Jyrki Puuronen Digital Producer at Gazoz

Business Impact

At Upsy we are greatly happy to make a real impact on Gazoz online store. Upsy helped the online store lift sales. Also, customers started buying more per order.

Upsy’s AI mode makes sure the right products are shown. That helped the online store not only increase sales but also create a delightful shopping journey in the e-commerce store.

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