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How Upsy
Drives 16% of Sales and Boosts buyer satisfaction for Bloom by Johanna


Industry: Cosmestics
Market: Finland
Product: Upsy Starter
Platform: MyCashFlow

Monthly sales boost
Upsy conversion rate
9/10 buyers
like shopping with Upsy

Key Takeaways

  • Bloom by Johanna, a beauty shop based in Forssa, Finland. The shop transformed from a local business to an international e-commerce online store.
  • Owner Johanna Tähtinen has grown the online store traffic mainly through social media strategies.
  • Before Upsy, Bloom by Johanna sought tools to help visitors find products quickly and personalise shopping experience on the webshop.
  • Upsy has become the solution. With a mobile-friendly design, Upsy offers AI product recommendations and 24/7 FAQ features. It functions as a virtual shopping assistant to help engage with visitors, turning them into buyers.


  • Upsy boosted the store’s sales, contributing to 16% of monthly totals on average
  • Improved the store’s conversion rate. a solid 4.62% conversion rate among Upsy users.
  • Customer feedback for the Upsy shopping experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Bloom by Johanna is a vibrant online beauty store in Forssa, Finland. They offer a diverse range of products, such as skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrances, and accessories. The shop owner, Johanna Tähtinen, is a social media star. She has created an impressive Instagram presence for her shop, making it an inspiring haven for beauty enthusiasts.

Boosting Conversions and
Enhancing Mobile Experience

Johanna, the owner of Bloom, acquires most of her web traffic from social media. She is an expert in creating engaging content that drives visitors to her website. She noticed a need for a tool that could convert visitors into buyers, while also offering a customer service tool without consuming her time.

With over 1,200 products available, it was crucial for her customers to find what they want quickly and easily. Since 80% of visitors browse her online store on mobile devices, Johanna knew that any tools she integrated into her shop must offer a seamless mobile experience.

Upsy – Your Virtual Shopping Assistant

Johanna decided to give Upsy a try.

Upsy interacts with users like a smart salesperson who knows your store inside and out. Its machine learning model can understand your store’s categories. Upsy combines data from purchase history to customer behavior then suggest the right products to visitors.
The best part? These suggestions appear instantly without interrupting the shopping experience.

After saw the impressive results within just a few months, Johanna chose to integrate Upsy into her online store. Our collaboration has been ongoing for nearly a year now.

“Upsy is super easy to use, quickly guiding customers to products, even on mobile. Its look can adjust to become part of my shop, and best of all, it encourages people to buy more.”

Johanna Tähtinen, CEO of Bloom by Johanna.

Buyers love Upsy shopping assistant

Since implementing Upsy, Upsy have contributed average 16% to total sales monthly . The store’s conversion rate improved with the conversion rate for Upsy users was 4.62%.

Buyers have fallen in love with Upsy shopping experience.
After buyers use Upsy to complete a purchase, Upsy will ask for feedback about their buying experience. In Bloom by Johanna’s case, 9 out of 10 customers gave a thumbs-up, indicating their satisfaction with Upsy’s seamless shopping assistance.

“Upsy delivers fantastic results and a smooth buying experience for our website”

Johanna Tähtinen, CEO of Bloom by Johanna.

Upsy has helped Bloom by Johanna enhance its online shopping experience, boost sales, and deliver outstanding customer service. With its smart navigation, AI recommendations, and automated customer support, Upsy helps webshop owner to get more sales and happier customers.

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