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AB test shows Automasa gets
33.4% sales growth with Upsy

Validated AB Test: 33.4% sales growth

We’ve put our test process in a 1-minute video – showing how Upsy boosted sales by 33.4%


In a nutshell

Automasa is a Finnish online store. They wanted to boost their sales with AI sales automation and personalisation. We wanted to know, does Upsy really help?

Thus,  we ran an A/B test to measure Upsy Shopping Helper’s impact on the webshop revenue, showing Upsy to 50% of visitors.


  • Bounce rate reduced
  • Conversion rate increased – With Upsy in the store the number of buyers is higher
  • The store got an extra €3073 when using Upsy compared to not using Upsy. This amount is equal to 33.4% growth

If Upsy were shown to all visitors for 3 weeks test period,

Upsy could generate an additional €6146 in sales!

The store got an extra €3,073 when using Upsy

Meet Automasa is a Finnish online store specializing in vehicle audio, navigation, and electrical solutions.

They offer a wide range of high-quality products, including sound systems, cameras, and GPS navigation devices from top brands.

Automasa can provide you with reliable and innovative automotive accessories to enhance your customers’ driving experience.

To get that good stuff, visit the store

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AB Testing Upsy: The Method and Results

We carried out an A/B test on Automasa’s online store to measure the impact oof Upsy on the store. Let’s zoom in the detail. 


The test ran for 23 days
From May 3rd to May 25th.
The data was collected by Google Analytics


– Variant A: Upsy was displayed to 50% of visitors
– Variant B: Upsy was hidden from 50% of visitors

Total visitors : n = 15 426


  • Bounce Rate decreased when Upsy was active
  • Transaction Count shows an increase in product sales with Upsy in use
  • Revenue: The webshop using Upsy saw an increase of €3073 in sales compared to the one that didn’t use Upsy (€12,273 vs. €9,200)

Upsy generated an additional €3,073 from just 50% of the visitors. It could generate roughly twice that amount if shown to 100% of the visitors.

So, €3,073 (additional sales from 50% of visitors) x 2 = €6,146.

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If you want to learn more about
Automasa their products, visit their website at,