Virtual Shopping Assistants vs. Chatbots

Virtual Shopping Assistants are able to accomplish much more than chatbots. See what makes them so efficient in boosting ecommerce sales.
vsas vs chatbots

“If the increase in revenue per visitor is at least
0,5 €, it means over 70 000 € more in monthly sales.”

Vladimir Tokoi, CEO of Suojakalvotukku

Upsy is an AI powered shopping helper that brings the human touch to e-commerce.

Build stronger relationships to your customers and create conversions like never before.



Of all sales are made with Upsy

We have a huge product catalog, so customers need help. Upsy does what a human seller would do, helps to find the right products and is giving suggestions. Upsy users have 37.2% higher average purchase and already 17.2% of total sales come Upsy assisted.

Tommi Tarkkanen

Entrepreneur at



Growth at shopping cart size

Best in Upsy is that it works automatically and Upsy´s recommendation algorithm learns without the need of teaching it. It also saves a lot of time from our customer service. Upsy users have 54% higher conversion and it is completing over 1100 customer service tasks in a month, automatically.

Vladimir Tokoi

Owner and CEO at Tokoi eCommerce Ltd