Case – Studio Savon

The growth in Upsy generated conversion is not only more revenue, but also better customer experience.

Founded in 2008
Industry: Beauty products
Market: Finland
Product: Upsy Starter


  • Studio Savon is a Finnish based beauty store whose objective is to bring a dash of luxury to your everyday life
  • According to Kati Mouhu the founder of Studio Savon, beauty should be effortless and not bring stress to our lives and they wanted to bring the same way of thinking to the way their customers are served online
  • Upsy has been live only for little over 2 months but in this short time we have already been able to increase the conversion from 4,8% to an astonishing 11,2% among Upsy users

Studio Savon is a beauty product company that has been operating online since 2020. They provide their customers with efficient and easy skincare, beautiful and fresh makeup products and easy tips for styling your hair. Studio Savon brings a stress free, easy approach to beauty and a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

With their focus on bringing the right, hand picked high quality products to their customers, Studio Savon was looking for ways to better support their consumers on their purchasing journey on their online store. With an extensive product catalog, it becomes harder for consumers to find the right products to fit their needs.

“We are dedicated to serving our customers online as if we would serve them in our former brick-and-mortar-shop. It is essential that products are found easily and additional information is provided in easily accessible ways.”

– Kati Mouhu, CEO and Founder of Studio Savon

After implementing Upsy, Studio Savon has seen a remarkable improvement in their conversions from visitors to customers. With their loyal customer base they had an impressive 4,8% conversion to start with, but among Upsy users the conversion has skyrocketed to more than 11,2% – that’s a 133% increase! With the massive increase in conversions comes obviously added sales and just within two months Studio Savon sees about 10% of their total online sales coming through Upsy.

“Upsy really works in assisting our customers with their purchases. The growth in Upsy generated conversion is not only more revenue, but also better customer experience.”

– Kati Mouhu, CEO and Founder of Studio Savon

Even though we’re at the start of our partnership between Studio Savon and Upsy and our machine learning algorithms are still learning, it has been a clear indication that Upsy is able to provide real business impact from day one. The more time goes on, the more Upsy learns about consumer behavior, becoming even more efficient and effective. Studio Savon also represents some of the smaller customers of Upsy with around 10,000 monthly website visitors and it has been important for us to prove that we’re able to help webstores regardless of their size.

Key Results:

  • 133% higher conversion rate with Upsy users
  • Contributed to more than 10% of overall sales within the first months
  • Over 200 customer service questions answered

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