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Upsy guides your visitors through the purchase journey.
Just like a ‘real’ salesperson 

upsy AI
Sells higher price products & increases basket size
After visitors select a product, the smart upsell algorithm automatically offers relevant products with more premium prices. Smart cross-sell algorithms encourage customers to buy more.
We do it all for you automatically. No need to preprocess data, train, or maintain.
Maximize the value of your data with AI. Recommendations get smarter with every purchase.
24/7/365 – Upsy sells even when you’re asleep.

Speed up inventory turnover

Upsy promotes daily deals to sell your old product as fast as possible. The sale tag is automatically added, so your customer knows they’re getting a good deal. 

Get products out of stock quickly and easily.
Special offer that makes customers feel valued
Daily deals feature for a more dynamic shopping experience

Sell more
People always love to buy new things. Upsy helps you promote new arrivals. The AI algorithm picks the best new product to suggest to your visitors.
Increase the conversion rate on your new arrivals
Encourage visitors to explore your store
Delight your visitors with the latest products

smart faqs
Free your hand from customer services’ task
80% of customers’ question is repeated questions that are available on your website. We customize FAQs list for your store.
24/7 customer service
Reduce the number of phone calls and live chat inquiries
Reduce basket abandonment

Start using AI to automate your sales process
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