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How Finlands largest erotic supplies online store grew its sales with more than 660,000€!

Key Results

  • Kaalimato is Finlands biggest erotic supplies online store with over 400,000 avarage monthly visitors.
  • Kaalimato was looking into ways of generating more sales from their high traffic by increasing conversions and growing the average basket size.
  • Upsy went live on Kaalimato late June of 2021, and in the 7 months since, Upsy has generated over €660,000 in additional sales.
  • With Upsy users, Kaalimato’s conversion rates boosted by a staggering 67% and the average purchase grew by 23%.

Kaalimato is a Finlands largest erotic supplies online store with one of the widest selection of products. Kaalimato prides itself in having something for everyone to bring a little joy and excitement into their lives.

Founded: 1998
Industry: Erotic Supplies
Market: Finland and Europe
Product: Upsy Growth

Key Figures:

  • Over €660,000 in additional sales within 7 months
  • 67% higher conversion rate with Upsy users
  • 23% higher average purchase with Upsy users
  • Over €100,000 of additional sales within the first month of going live!
  • Over 4,300 customer service questions answered
Kaalimato has an average of over 400,000 monthly visitors on their online store, and this number continues to grow as more people look for ways to find a little excitement in the cold dark winters experienced here in Finland. With a huge selection of products, consumers face the problem of finding the right fit for them – and this is where Kaalimato turned to Upsy. Upsy is able to make sophisticated product recommendations, cross sell, and upsell products resulting in two key things:

1) better customer experience and
2) higher sales!

We had put a lot of effort into increasing our traffic and once we had it, we needed to find a way to turn those visitors into buyers and that’s exactly what Upsy was able to do!

Mikko Rosén, CEO of Kaalimato

Within the first month, Upsy contributed to a staggering €101,000 of additional sales. Since Upsy is based on Artificial Intelligence, the results it was delivering kept getting better month after month as it collected more data on customer behaviour and became more sophisticated. In December alone, Upsy contributed  to more than €175,000 in sales. Sales isn’t the only aspect where Upsy has been able to help Kaalimato though. As you might imagine, with high traffic, there’s also a high number of customer service questions that eat away at valuable resources. Since going live, Upsy has helped more than 4,300 customers with their product-related and other FAQ questions.

“Growing conversion with 70% and basket size with 25% among Upsy users… I mean you can tell your marketing team to sing the praises for me and I will sign them 100%, just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Mikko Rosén, CEO of Kaalimato

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