Upsy Shopping Helper™ – Turns Your Visitors Into Buyers

Upsy is an AI powered, automated shopping assistant designed to solve the biggest challenge online stores are facing – Converting sales from webshop´s visitors!

Let us show you how.

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Fully Automated and powered by AI – Sit back, relax and watch the Sales roll in!


Upsy uses sophisticated AI to understand and adapt based on Your customer’s behaviour. Upsy helps your customers find the products they are after by making spot-on product recommendations, providing product and FAQ information and guiding them through their purchasing journey – Just like a “real” salesperson.

Find products

Helps customers to find the right product they are looking for


Automated smart upsell algorithm offers relevant upsells to boost more valuable products


Automated smart product recommendations based on past purchases and behaviour


Offer answers to most frequently asked questions to reduce cart abandonment


We’re just a phone call away!

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Why Upsy?

Ecommerce companies, especially SME´s are facing stiff competition. With limited resources they are struggling with expensive conversions, time consuming platform updates, heavy customer service loads and product returns. They are forced to give their best tackling these challenges, yet all the while still needing to increase their sales and stay competitive. Increasing the conversion of visitors to buyers is crucial. In a brick and mortar store you have a salesperson helping you, who do you have on your online store helping customers through their purchasing journey? 

Proven ROI of using Upsy, guaranteed results from day one


Proven increase in conversion rates among Upsy users

100% of your customers served at all times, every day


Proven growth in average purchase among Upsy users

Personalised shopping experiences

Less bounce rate, instant answers to questions, smart suggestions, more sales!

Plug and play

Integrate Upsy into your platform and start growing your business at a fixed price with no extra effort.

Works from day 1!

Upsy’s unique recommendation algorithm ensures good results even for low traffic webshops. No more cold start problems!

How it works?

Shopping Helper

Data dashboard

With Upsy Shopping Helper you automatically:

  • Serve all your customers 24/7 instantly
  • Help your customers find the products they want
  • Offer spot on optional high value products
  • Make intelligent product recommendations and bundles

With Upsy Shopping Helper you automatically:

  • get actionable metrics offering business relevant data that allows you to constantly identify areas of improvement
  • build stronger relationships to your customers and lift your online store to the bigger league.

Our clients say:



Growth at shopping cart size

Best in Upsy is that it works automatically and Upsy´s recommendation algorithm learns without the need of teaching it. It also saves a lot of time from our customer service. Upsy users have 54% higher conversion and it is completing over 1100 customer service tasks in a month, automatically.

Vladimir Tokoi

Owner and CEO at Tokoi eCommerce Ltd